Need some ice for the BURN?


Day two of Otakon

More awesome cosplay from Otakon!


My cosplay for Otakon.

155 notes??? This is craziness!!! 😃😃😃

Awesome cosplays from day one.

My cosplay for Otakon.


Resin casting take two. They came out much better this time. The color is way closer to Star Fire’s. This time I used green ink.

Cosplay At Any Size.

So something that has been bugging me lately is the whole “you can only cosplay is you have this body shape, or look similar to your character” thing. And I know a lot of people have talked about this already,  but I’d like to put my own in-put into this topic. 

So there is a picture of a Miku cosplay. And the one on the right is deemed a “fail”. In which I’d like to say that that is an AMAZING cosplay. I’m sure he spent a lot of time and money on this cosplay. And to say that this is a fail is just completely false. Because that’s one of the best Miku cosplays I’ve ever seen. 

And there is a Sailor Moon group. Where you see a bunch of girl with all different body types, heights, and sizes. And they all look fantastic.  

The point of cosplay is to dress up as your favorite characters and have fun, and meet new people that enjoy the things you enjoy. 

When did the cosplay community get so judge mental on someone’s work?